How to play Resident Evil

How to play Resident Evil

In case Resident Evil was not on your list of favorite games, you can start playing it now, as the re-release is the perfect occasion to do so. Anyway, Resident Evil remains a game with ’96 layout: immoderate inventory management, the strange saving system and hard to understand mechanics – just to name a few of the “abnormal” features!

Part of the re-release update is the fact that the game can be viewed in widescreen and this alone is a reason why you should definitely try the experience. If you never tried it before, I have some really helpful tips on how to play Resident Evil!

Reading the FAQs has its benefits

If you want to know how to play Resident Evil and be good at it, without finding yourself in difficult situations, you should definitely read the Frequently Asked Questions. Let’s say it’s your first time exploring the mansion and you start picking up stuff, everything from medicinal herbs to ammunition. Soon you’ll find yourself in a situation where all the rooms are locked, you have a key you can’t pick, and your inventory is full. What’s the solution? Well, if you would’ve read the FAQs beforehand, you would’ve known that you have to consume one of the medicinal herbs in order to be able to pick the key and continue playing. By doing so, you’ll free an inventory slot and you’ll manage to continue exploring other rooms in the mansion.

Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine are different characters

Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine
Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine

In the first place, even though the plot is indeed moving in the same direction, you can notice some differences in the storylines of the two characters. The fact that the two are not a palette swap can also be noticed in the gameplay. For example, Chris is more resistant, damage-wise, plus he is more accurate in shooting the opponents and he can run faster than Jill. On the other hand, Jill can carry more items, including a lockpick and she has more inventory slots. Therefore, she can have faster access to rooms where extra ammunition and health can be found. This is the reason why my advice for the newbies would be to pick Jill the first time they play Resident Evil.

The perks of pressing the A button

Part of how to play Resident Evil like a pro is also being able to find hidden objects and items that are not easy to see. And you should know that this game is full of such hidden “treasures”: healing items, useful objects, spare equipment, extra bullets – just to name a few – it’s all kept on shelves or inside the drawers and it’s rarely highlighted. Therefore, do press the A button, you’ll be thankful eventually!

Manage your inventory

If you’re new and you want to know how to play Resident Evil, you should know that inventory management is a very important part of this game. You will have some storage boxes that are universal and all the items and objects you store in a box will be shown in another box, which is a good thing. The downside, though, remains the constant inventory management.

Pay attention to all the details

Resident Evil Details
Resident Evil Details

While playing Resident Evil, you should be fully aware of all the aspects of the game – sounds, lights, shadows – as their purpose is not only to make the whole experience scarier, but also to give you clues on what’s waiting for you next. These details can help you detect enemies you cannot see yet, making you aware of the danger hiding close by.

Aiming tips

Once you encounter an enemy you’ll instinctively take your weapon and shoot him straight ahead. Well, a more effective way of killing your enemy is to give him more shots while he is down on the floor. Thankfully, Resident Evil gives you this option because you can use your weapon for shooting in different directions: straight forward, down and up. This tool is also very useful when you want to aim up and shoot a zombie, for example.

Save your ammo

If you want to know how to play Resident Evil in the proper way, you should always have a back-up strategy. One of the strategies you should be aware of is saving as much ammo as possible, because you can always run out of it when you’ll need it the most. For example, if you find a zombie in the mansion you can choose to run away from it instead of shooting at it. Remember, ammo is precious and if you find yourself in a situation where you have a different way out, use it and save the bullets for later!

Make sure the dead won’t hunt you

Allow me to introduce you to the crimson zombies: stronger, faster and creepier than ever. They are new characters in the remake version and there’s a special way of killing them, as shooting is not enough sometimes. So, just to make sure that the crimson zombies will not come back from the dead, consider burning them with gasoline, decapitating them with a magnum, or stabbing them with your knife after firing the bullets. Don’t be afraid to use your knife on the zombies once they are laying on the floor, as this can usually stop them from getting up and can also save you some ammo. It’s true that gasoline is hard to find and that just a few players consider stabbing the zombies, but it’s better to be on the safe side, rather than wondering whether the zombies will come again for you or not.

Map the game by yourself

It’s true that the game already has a map, but an extra effort of making your own will help you a lot as you gain access to new items like the helmet and armor or the sword keys. Plus, the built-in map is pretty basic and it’s not giving you all the details you need. At some point, you’ll need to remember how to properly match the keys and the doors and having a map made by yourself can save you a lot of trouble and time.

Don’t forget to hit SAVE now and then

Once you start playing Resident Evil, in the first hour, you’ll have around ten ink ribbons, that are used for each save you make. You don’t have to be afraid of using it all and end up having none, because you’ll keep receiving more as you play. There’s no way of learning how to play Resident Evil without dying a lot, so you better save the game every time you are about to reach a new, unexplored area. There’s a reason why the ink ribbons are widely available, so just save and be prepared to die a lot, especially in the beginning!

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